For all your chicken jugular inquiries

I rarely do this, but here were the top 10 searches that drove people to this website this week: 

  • "women killing rooster"
  • "chicken jugular"
  • "hand crank chipper blade" 
  • "cinder block hog roast"
  • "braised beef shank tough"
  • "ford pick up gilmore girls"
  • "cockled"
  • "sorghum candy"
  • "how long does it take for a salami to be overdue"
  • "focusing on the important things"

The juxtaposition of the last one with the rest makes me happy. 


A few random snippets of conversation from our house

Critter: Mom, I had a squishy orange in my backpack from lunch

Bride: did you eat it?

Critter: No, I tried to blow it up.

Bride: Oh, were you successful?

Critter: No. I used the bike pump and the air just hisses out.

I think I teared up a bit. Those are my genes showing through right there.  But still. Probably time to hide the lighter fluid.




Bride: Have you seen my shoes? I need to go poop.

Me: I do not live in a world where I can make those two things relate to one another.




Bride: I just caught your four year old son endlessly singing the theme to New Girl. He knows all the words.

Me: In his defense: that Zooey Deschanel is way hotter than her sister Emily.