This is me reading to my children

Aren't I a great father? 

Note: the boy has a gun. Because that's what Santa brings in this house to little children who want to be cowboys. 

My family and I (these kids of mine, my lovely bride, a clumsy but lovable St. Bernard, and a variable number of chickens - depending on the hawk and coyote activity, and a couple of pigs) live in the woods of Massachusetts in a 1730's farmhouse. We bought it because it matched the table we had found in England. We like it here. Which is a surprising thing to hear myself say, considering the number of Yankees that live near me. I was born & raised in Georgia. Which explains the 'Yankees' comment. 

This website started more than 10 years ago as a place for me to stick random pictures of my dogs, then my kids, and a few other things I had found and wanted to share with my family and friends back on the east coast. Then it became a way for me to stay in touch with folks in California after we moved to England. Now, it's just an outlet for the things I want to write that don't fit any place else. Often, it centers around food. Because we like the food. 

I've been mentioned or contributed a few times to various technical articles. Apple even managed to make me look pretty. 

I enjoy hearing from people - so go ahead and write.