19:52 - Shoes

This week, I've been visiting Europe for work. But I arranged my schedule to allow me to spend the weekend with lovely friends in the north of England, and had the chance to catch up over dinner and see what are truly a bunch of dear people, and get horribly nostalgic for our time here. 

The evening before I headed back out to finish my meetings and go find a plane back home, we were standing around getting their kids ready for bedtime, talking about the upcoming olympics and the Queen's jubilee parties. And my friend Jon drops into conversation "... when I met the Queen, she called me by my name." 

For anyone doing research, if we become friends, I expect to know about any brush with royalty within the first 12 months of our aquaintence. NOT several years later. Because what if I had needed an introduction? Or some Windsor crested stationary? You think she just gives that stuff away to total strangers? I'm not saying you should go around name-dropping. But find a polite way to bring it up in conversation over a pint, yeah? 

To make it up to me, Jon let me take a picture of his shoes for this week's LPTG.com 52 week photo challenge. Theme: Shoes. 

The man wears a powdered barrister's wig and defends people accused of violent crimes and murders all week. 

These are his "cutting loose" party shoes. 

I say he wears them under his robes some day and see how long it takes for someone to notice.