Welcome home, Autobot

A couple of weeks ago, I had to make a tour of Europe for work. It's been a while since I changed jobs, and my family (and myself) have pretty much gotten used to me not traveling anymore.  It was downright awkward to be in the airport again after so long. 

It's been nice. 

However, these things come up, and the Boy, who was a bit worried about me being alone for so long, gave me one of his Transformer toys to play with. (Not his Optimus Prime, mind you.  Just a nameless figure that he sort of likes. Still. It was sweet, no?) 

I sent home pictures along the way. 

First: the autobot hit Germany.


A redeye flight to Paris: Autobot needs coffee.


Autobot wants to know how to get to Versailles.

No, autobot. We're not going to Disneyland. We're getting on a plane and saying goodbye to France. 

Dinner in the UK.
 Smoked bacon & haggis fritters. Topped with poached egg and a side of Old Speckled Hen ale.
 This is one of the top five things I have ever put in my mouth.
Autobot approves. 

More from the UK: 

Autobot loves Mr. Porky. Hugs and kisses.

Chester. Autobot admires your architecture.

Autobot likes weird British chocolate. 

"Hey... wait a second - you're not the same Autobot!"

"Yes I am."

"No you're not! You look completely different."

"No I don't."

"What the hell. The other one had big tall wing things. You have crazy-weird devil horns. And you're half again as big!"

"OK. Fine. You got me."



"Well this is awkward."

"You lost the other one at the hotel & bought me as a replacement, didn't you?"

"Shutup and look at the flowers, Autobot."

Hey, fake-Autobot. Nice pillow.

It's not that I'm not glad you're home. And I do really like my new Autobot. But seriously, you left the other one? And people trust you with making decisions?

Oh yeah? Well... thanks to our friend Mr. Internet - look whose doppleganger made a reappearance!

I wonder what the hell did parents do before they invented Amazon?