Switching providers

After a week of the 'groove being mostly inaccessible due to database issues, I've finally gotten around to switching web hosting companies. The good folks at LivingDot have made the whole process pretty easy, I must say, and the cost of their service is actually less than I was paying before.

I'm still using Movable Type (which I still love), but have upgraded to the next version, throwing my stylesheet and template design into a bit of chaos. But I'll use the next few days to sort it out. I've found a few things that don't work (self-referencing links in the text of past entries and such) that I'm probably not going to bother fixing. Just use the search text box if you're looking for something in particular.

In the meantime, both the comment feature and our emails are working much better as well. So if you had problems getting email through before to me or my bride, try again. Also: the Critter and Squirmy have their own addresses.

If you spot something else broken, just bear with me. The packers show up tomorrow, and I'm trying to find time between pointing out which things go where to sort it all out.