As I type this, the packers are wrapping cardboard and bubble wrap around everything around me. The whole move thing has kind of snuck up on me, truth be told, and it wasn't until yesterday that I realized we were spending our last night here in this house.

A lot has happened since we moved here, four years ago. We added a son to our family. Our daughter went to her first days of school. We learned to drive on the wrong side of the road. We got a horse. We got rid of a horse.We met and became friends with a load of wonderful people. With met and made fun of a load of ridiculous people. You'll have to guess which category is which. But mostly, we just enjoyed the heck out of being here these last four years. I asked the Critter last night if she was sad to be leaving. She asked me to tell her again about the dog we are getting when we get to the new place. Then she told me that she's not really all that sad.

One other thing we did here was accumulate a pant-load of crap. Seriously. The packers wrapped up the Critter's room yesterday, and ended up with a pile of boxes big enough to make even Diana Ross think, yeah, you know what? Maybe that is high enough. Obviously, we were not as successful as I would have liked when we began the Great Moving Purge. I've got a suspicion that it will carry on when it comes time to unpack at the other end.

The whole house seems to be composed of piles at the moment. Piles of things to be packed for air freight. Piles of things to be put in our suitcases. Piles of things to be given away before we go. Piles of boxes already wrapped up and destined for the container ship. Last night's dinner consisted of the pile of vegetables threatening to go bad if they weren't used, along with a pile of various cuts of cow defrosted from our freezer. Over rice. Because I am married to the Super Filipino, and that's how we roll around here.

Between now and our final departure date, there's, plenty to keep us occupied. I have re-iterated to the movers about a dozen times already this morning that they're not to take the router and my laptop. I figure as long as I keep the internet alive, everything will work out just fine. I've pretty much stopped stressing about what ends up in which pile. There's plenty to keep us busy on the other end of this move, I figure.

And besides, my Bride is fretting enough for the both of us. She was up until about 4am last night, moving small bits from one pile to the next and back again, and has called me three times this morning to make sure I tell the movers that the pink towel goes into air frieght, but the stock pot can be surface shipment.