It all feels oh so very 2001

Looking through the schedule for the San Francisco Web Two Dot Oh conference takes me back to a time when there was a fooz ball table in the data center, all the free sodas I could drink in the fridge, and my entire professional wardrobe consisted of shorts, bowling shirts and a pair of tevas.

-- "Cross Cultural User Experience Design"
--"Strategic Domain Name Selection for Increasing Traffic and Conversion Rates."
... also known as "thinking of all the typos for"
-- "Innovation Matters for the Next Generation Web"
As opposed to, you know, yesterday when innovation was passe, like when your grandfather ran the internet
-- "Mashing Up: Taking Enterprise Mashups to the Next Level"
-- "The Production Mashup"
-- "What's your enterprise mashup strategy?"
-- "Defining cool new buzzwords, like 'mashup'"


The good old days.