100 Things Worth Doing: 26-50

More things I hope flash before my eyes. For more, go here. Or see the original

26) Winning 3rd place in the open waltz competition.
27) Seeing my article published in a trade magazine for the first time.
28) Chasing crawdads in the creek.
29) Getting lost on the way to the Etowah Indian mounds with my grandmother and her friend when I was six
30) Camping in the Florida Keys because we were too poor to afford a hotel room.
31) Eating sushi at a restaurant called the Pink Godzilla.
32) Playing Nintendo and eating pastrami sandwiches until 4 a.m.
33) Exploding balloons while trying to make chocolate cups.
34) Riding my bike to school.
35) Spending $20 in the arcade.
36)Skinny dipping in the hot tub in Santa Cruz
37) Graduating from boot camp.
38) Learning to operate a table saw from my step-father.
39) Helping my father, the doctor, operate on a pig in the back yard
40) Climbing inside one of the pyramids at Giza.
41) Taking a bulldozer for a joyride at 1 a.m. with Ryan and Darren.
42) That bed and breakfast run by two old gay guys in Charleston, South Carolina.
43) Walking out of the interview, knowing I had landed my first real job after the Army.
44) Opening the shipping crate of my new Stelling banjo.
45) Snowmobiling across a frozen lake in Ontario.
46) Being best man at my father's fourth wedding
47) Laughing as we realized that Poulnabrone is only 4 feet high
48) Standing in the coliseum.
49) The smell of dogs and old books in my grandmother's house.
50) The anticipation and excitement that came along with Woodward Academy's Super Goober day.