Unexpected visitors

The Critter came in this afternoon from her trip to take care of the chickens.  

"There are two birds out there that look like young turkeys or maybe those guinea things we used to have."  

Huh? We had a couple of guinea hens about four or five years ago. They lasted about three weeks before they wandered off into the woods and hadn't been seen since 

I went and took a look.  


Sure enough. There were two guinea fowl stopping by for a visit.   I love the clucking chirp they make as they bob through the grass picking out bugs. They have a bare head and an almost prehistorically ugly look to them that I find fascinating to watch. 

I've no idea where they could've come from. The only other guy I know who has guineas lives on the other side of town, about 5 or 6 miles away.  

It's not possible that ours survived this long. They wouldn't let me get too close, but, I know ours didn't have the white splash on their breasts that one of these had.


They hung out for a while, visiting with the chickens behind their fence, who really didn't know what to make of these strange looking birds.  The two were still in our yard when the sun went down, wandering around and searching out whatever ticks or bugs they could find. 

I don't expect we'll see them again, but it was nice to have these two stop by.