I probably should've planted an apple tree

I have no idea what half the stuff in my basement is, or where it came from. 

We only moved in four - no wait, five (when did that happen?) - years ago. But my basement is full of... stuff. Oh, sure.. part of the basement is tidy (the part dedicated to wine, meat, preserves and cider) - but the corners and ends are full of things that have accumulated in drifts and piles.  I don't know what it is. Once a year or so, I cull a portion of it to take to the transfer station/dump, or give away random bits of furniture to a local charity. 

Companies are like that too. Not long after joining my company, I made a rule that we would not support any software or hardware that was old enough to compete on American Idol.  

You've got to draw the line somewhere. I draw the line at Randy Jackson. 

Walk through a data center at pretty much any company that's been around for a time, though, and there are corners that look kind of like your basement. Something dusty and occasionally moving in the furthest corner that you're not quite sure what to do with, but aren't quite ready to get rid of. 

To thank my team for finally de-commissioning and unracking a ten year old G4 server that had long outlived it's sell-by date, I turned this into a planter for the office. 

I am the best boss.