Project 52

Thanks to the bad influence of Jaimee Waters, photographer extrodinaire (editor's note: I've been told she insists on that description every time her name is in print. I don't know that for sure. But better safe than sorry), I signed up for the '52 Week Photo Project.'  

Each week, a different assignment. Each week, a different photo. I figure this'll give me something to motivate me to play with my camera more, and maybe learn a little something about photography and editing. 

Week 1's project: A Self Portrait Without You In It ... Something that represents you.

I thought of several somewhat meaningful groupings of objects. My truck. My banjo. A power saw. A hanging bit of preserved meat. My iPhone or some other technical bit. One participant did a brilliant collection of stacked books. I loved the idea, but that would be kind of the easy way out, as it had already been done. 

As we were toodling around today, doing various end-of-vacation chores, I looked at these two miniature people that the Universe has let me hang out with for a while, and I knew that they represented me far better than any other collection of things. Or at least, I can hope they do. 

These two are my legacy. They represent the best in me. I'm trying not to break them. 

Well... Maybe these two and a Diet Coke.