P52: Week 3 - Your favorite thing

From the LensProToGo 52 Week photo challenge

'We all have and do a lot of things that we ‘like’. I like to hike, I like my iPad, I like the Patriots (okay… maybe I love them…), I like camping, I like my rug under my coffee table, I like my high heels… but what do I ‘love’? We want everyone to get to the core of this and find something that they like more than everything else and hold close to their heart.'

Well. High heels were out. And honestly, it was difficult to choose a thing I'd rush back into a burning house to save. My books? Maybe. But they can be replaced generally. My banjo? I'd love to say yes, and I do love the artistry and workmanship that went into the Stelling Master's Cross. But as poor a banjo player as I am, I can't say it defines me very well. 

I settled back on my truck. It's a large thing, and since I got my shiny new Mini Cooper S last month, it's no longer my daily driver as it was for most of the last 4 years. But I love it, perhaps more than any other posession I might lay claim to. 

Manual steering. Manual brakes. 3-on-the-tree, 6 cylinder. No radio. No air conditioning. Vinyl covered bench seat that cracks in the winter and scalds in the summer. 

Pure steel. 

Pure joy.  

A little dusting of snow today added a few touches of white to the picture in unexpected places. You can see a little rust bubbling under the logo. And it's a little louder and slower to get started these days, especially as it sits for longer durations between runs. 


That pretty well defines me.