Perhaps the coolest I have ever been

Check it out. This all started after a conversation with my beautiful Bride about how it was too damned hard to keep up with all of our young 'uns immunizations.

I (and a few others at the company I work) have been featured by Apple (you know... that big, famous company that Steve Jobs runs) for the deployment of iPhones (one of my projects) and - more importantly - our app, Vaxtrak we wrote to help parents and families keep up with their immunizations and find their nearby flu clinics.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 8.47.25 AM.png

Watch the video.

Or, if you want, read the article.

Even better - go download VaxTrak for yourself.

This article was about 3 months in the making. Mostly in the legal reviews and clearances. True story - they filmed the 'hand shots' in the video the Monday after I had been tilling up my garden. They asked if I'd be offended if they used a 'stand-in' instead of filming my blistered, grubby paws.

You hear that, mother? Your son had a hand model stand in for him on camera.