A typical recent conversation with our mostly-domesticated 2nd grader*

"Hey, Daddy"


"I know what 4 x 4 is."

"Oh yeah?"


"Who told you? That was a secret."

"No. It's four 4's."

"Who is revealing these things to you? You must tell me before it's too late and you learn more."

"Also. 10 x 10 is 100. Because that's ten 10's."

"I demand you tell me who is telling you all of the secrets."

"It's not a secret. I learned it on my Fast Math program."

"What? I'm going to arrest them."

"Daddy. That's on the computer. You can't arrest it."

"I will arrest the creators. Or have them arrested. I know people. I used to be a spy."

"You're weird, Daddy."

"You must not say any more out loud. They'll know you know."

"Daddy. Shhh."

*Note: This is just a down payment for all the money she's going to cost me in college. Also, it makes me giggle.