2010. So far.

The past few weeks, I:

Went to Mexico and:
- Cooked with Mayans

- Climbed a pyramid

- Drank a lot of margaritas

Read a bunch of books:
- Freedom Inc
- What the Dog Saw
- The Vampire Earth series
- The Mysterious Benedict Society

Found some new blogs to follow:
- Design for Mankind
- Gaping Void (found him by picking up his book: Ignore Everybody)
- Robert Scoble (I've known about this guy for a long time. Why wasn't I reading him before?)
- Seth Godin (ok. I've been following him for a while. I just wanted to pass on the goodness).

Found a couple of other online resources that I'll keep handy:
- An awesome article about Mexican cookware: finally ordered my own olla and cazuelas
- Royalty free icons and clipart - always handy

Cooked a lot:
- Hung some more pancetta
- Had new (and middling new) friends over for a mexican feast - trying my hand at tamales for the first time, and making churros from scratch.

... and started banjo lessons again.

Oh. And VaxTrak (our very own iPhone app) is up to about a thousand downloads. Just by word of mouth.

This year is off to a kick-ass start.