... hello? Is this thing on?

What? I have a blog?

Oh yeah. That thing where I used to periodically write stuff, or show pictures. Ok. So I've been a little slack lately. Well, more than slack. More like lazy. Or comatose. Or maybe a little bit dead. Except not really! See? I've posted new pictures of the chicken house.

And there are pictures of road trip to Tennessee! 21 hours in the car, each way. With kids. Because we're into pain. But chasing cows all week made for one of the best holidays I've had in a while.

Now we're prepping for the Critter's 7th birthday. Holy crap, where does the time go? Unlike previous years we won't be having the whole bluegrass band and roast pig. But we will be sticking with the bbq theme, and hoping that the weather cooperates.

We're also prepping for our summer holiday back to England. Where they don't have summer. Because we miss they greyness. And I'll be working for most of the time I'm there.

My planning sucks.

But I do think I'll be able to write a bit more going forward. The things that have kept me otherwise engaged (work, chicken house, our really fantastic and ridiculously large vegetable garden, etc.) have settled back into the routine, rather than the exceptional. And I want to write more - I've been missing the outlet, I think. So if you're still there, stay tuned. I'll try and be better.