Day 4 of chicken-dom

There's this one little chick who is sort of... crooked.

I noticed it the first morning after checking on them. The other chicks had kind of piled all into a heap, and at the bottom of this warm little mountain of down was this one chick, that got up and staggered off. I figured it had the equivalent of a crick in its neck. Or whatever. But since then, it always looks and walks sideways, and often it'll crouch its way down into the feed trough, like it's seeking a safe little cranny to cuddle in. Or it's plotting to take over the world, Pinky. I'm not sure which.

Other than looking/walking sideways and bumping into walls periodically, it seems pretty healthy, though. OK, so it can't look left, but it can twist its little head to the right far enough to look at who might be chasing her. Maybe she's part blue crab.

Also, it was the first chick whose butt I had to wipe, because of clogged manure. This is called "pasting up". Farming is fun.

Right after I took this picture, however, it took a big poop on my desk.

Looks healthy enough to me.