Apple. Tree. Not far.

Last night, the Critter convinced us to play one of her games with her. I'm not even sure where she gets these kids games from. (If it was up to me, she'd be content with playing poker, like any normal 5 year old). This one's called "Traffic Jam", and consists of putting a bunch of cards with roads and roadblocks onto the table to create, well, a traffic jam. Because the game creators, they're creative like that. Except that there's virtually no way to win the game. There are way too many road cards, and not enough road blocks. Which I guess is supposed to be ok for a kid's game. But seriously. It gets old after playing it seven times in a row. The only good thing about the game is that the rules state you have to yell "Traffic Jam!" when you place a roadblock card down (which can be flooding, cows on the road, or roadworks: very British).

Before we played the game, the Critter had hastily drawn up something in preparation for game playing time. To keep track of who was playing. And who was winning. And stuff.

Uh-huh. Remember this?

Sometimes the Critter is frighteningly my child. But sometimes, you can clearly see my Bride's genes coming out.

Now let me show you what the Critter came up with:

Look... her very first Excel workbook.

My Bride didn't understand why I was laughing uncontrollably for the next half hour.