A Call to Service

There's a lot about what Scott Ritter says that I don't agree with. I'm not anti-Iraq war (which makes me a super popular guy on my visits to San Francisco, let me tell you). But this article is worth a read. His points are salient and well constructed. Such as

  • The Impeach Now crowd is overreaching
  • You don't have to suppor the war to support the troops
  • You can go too far (e.g.: Cindy Sheehan)
  • The American people are woefully uneducated about the Constitution
  • National Service is a good thing and should be compulsory

    I don't agree with this last one (and I served five years in the Army to help make sure that you don't have to do likewise, if you feel your overwhelming ennui would get in the way of helping out your neighbor, because it's everyone's God-given right to be a lazy slob as far as I'm concerned.)

    But I like how this guy puts an argument together, even if I can't agree 100% with the position.

    I support the armed forces of the United States, and their mission of protecting America from its enemies. This does not make me pro-war, in the same way that supporting America’s firefighters in their effort to combat fire doesn’t make me pro-fire. However, many Americans fail to understand the difference between supporting a soldier’s mission and supporting war. I support firefighters, but hate fire. I understand that sometimes fires occur, and when they do I want a professional, highly trained, well-led and well-equipped firefighting team to respond to the situation. But I, as a citizen and a firefighter, also recognize that the best way to handle fire is to prevent fires from occurring

    Have a read of the whole thing.