People Who Walk

Lately, the Critter has hit that age where she goes off and plays outside with the neighbor kids, and we don't feel like we have to provide constant adult supervision. Partly that's because she's a pretty good kid overall. Partly it's because we live way out on a farm where there's not a lot around she could get into and hurt herself. Except the livestock. And the tractors. And the river. But you know, other than that, it's pretty safe.

Today, the neighbor kid - another little girl just a couple of years older than our Critter - had to go with her family someplace, and left the Critter to her own devices. My bride and I were spending our Sunday afternoon in one of our favorite ways - on the couch, alternating between reading a crap book, and watching a crap movie when the Critter walked in.

She looked at us in our near-vegitative state and said "We could go on a walk!"

My bride and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"This is your mother. I am your father. From your statement, it's clear that you have us confused with some strangers. Some kind of alternate-universe family made of people who walk."

Kids. They're funny.

We sent her back out to play in the sheep field. That should keep her entertained long enough for us to finish Anacondas 2