What you never knew we always needed

A whole lot of really cool stuff has been done with Google Maps. Here's a new way on the web to document your best dumpster-diving finds.

Garbagescout.com now provides a google-mapped location & photographic catalog of all the best garbage in New York City. Why? In their own words: "What is the motivation behind GarbageScout? Garbagescout is a conversation, both practical and philosophical' , about what we throw away.

I'm guessing it was a couple of guys with one too many MGD longnecks and way too much time on their hands, but we can go with 'practical and philosophical' if we want.

From their website:

How to post:
From your phone, email a picture of your find to "street@garbagescout.com",

In the body of the email type a description @ location.

For example: furniture old chairs@123 East Broadway
computer monitors look good @ west 79th street & broadway
bike wheels and parts @ 345 west 21st.

Which begs the question: "Weird medical equipment"? Who the hell is a) throwing it out curbside, and b) interested in picking it up?

Never mind. I don't want to know.