"Ammo with Flavor"

Coming soon, to a Wal-mart near you:

Season Shot - "Shoots, Kills, Seasons"

1) Load your gun with Season Shot and let the hunt begin. Watch as your bird is seasoned on impact leaving no harmful waste behind

2) Forget about removing shot, prepare the whole bird for dinner! The Season Shot pellets will melt in the oven seasoning the entire bird.

3) Enjoy! Finally, there's a better way.

Season Shot is coming soon in these flavors:

- Cajun
- Lemon Pepper
- Garlic
- Teriyaki
- Honey Mustard

Compare: Other Brands: No flavor here. Season Shot: Our ammo has flavor

I know what all the bird hunters in my family are getting in their stockings this year. (and being from the South, there really are more than one).

I rest better at night knowing that the next time our Vice President shoots his 89 year old hunting partner in the ass, at least he can rest assured that it will be with tasty hardened pellets of honey mustard flavor.