Congratulatory punch in the teeth

Last Monday was my birthday.

I'm 33. That's the same age Christ was when he died. Hmm. Founded world-wide religion? Nope. Still on the list of things to do.

Still, my birthday was a good one, as these things go. The Critter and my Bride cooked me all my favorite foods, and gave me a plethora of Bluegrass-related paraphenalia. Which is enough to make any man happy, in my opinion.

Some other things that happened this week:
- I got 3 (that's right: 3) flat tires on my car - how? Something to do with the alignment. And me not having any.
- I arrived at the Hertz counter in California with an expired driver's license. Thankfully, he had no idea what to make of my provisional UK license, and let me take the car anyway.
- I found out that the tenants living in our old house in California were just arrested for selling drugs on the property. This was related by one of our old neighbors to me and my new real estate agent who we just hired. Awesome.
- About 15 minutes ago, the plug on my laptop power supply snapped when I went to plug it into the wall here at the airport. I have about 5 minutes left on my battery.

Happy birthday, me (Boot to the head [boom])

In the meantime, go support this band. We saw them in concert in Liverpool, and had a chance to talk with them. This guy can play the hell out of anything with frets, and listening to their song "blessed, but not favored" kinda put my whole week in perspective.