Resolve in the wake of terror

A personal anecdote as a US ex-pat living in the UK right now:

It's been interesting to see and hear the reactions here first-hand, so close to what we went through in the US after 9/11. Fortunately, my colleagues and team members in London were all safe, so the tragic events didn't touch me directly. However, I had been planning my team's meeting next week for months, planning to bring together my entire team (>20) from across EU (Germany, UK, France, Italy) in a single 2 day event, scheduled for - you guessed it - London.

This morning, we had a team conference call, and I expressed that while my personal instinct is to go ahead with the meeting, I will not ask anyone who is uncomfortable, or whose family is uncomfortable, to travel to London given the events of yesterday. Every one of them echoed the same sentiment - no, that's how the terrorists win.

My heart and thoughts go out to those impacted by the senseless criminal bombings in London yesterday. But I can only say that I'm proud to be witness to the response and resolve of the British and Europeans in the face of this event.