A sackfull of irony

I was in London for most of last week, and so my Bride and the Critter hopped a train down to spend the weekend getting our annual dose of culture. We took in the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History museum, and saw both the Magna Carta and the Gutenberg Bible at the British Library, which fascinated the heck out of us (as did some of the original 1775 stamps from the Stamp Act. You know. The Stamp Act that irked a bunch of colonists and led to Mel Gibson going all medieval on Draco Malfoy's dad. This was extremely cool, but as I tried to explain the historical significance to my 2 year old, I caught the British docent rolling his eyes, and hurried along to something a little less obviously 'I'm an American tourist')

Equally as cool, however, was the infusion of other down-home goodness. Krispy Kreme at Harrod's? BBQ Ribs and even a Daly City license plate in Chelsea? How cool is that! The Crabshack experience also led to discovering that the Critter is a huge fan of mussels. This she gets from my Bride. Literally, in this case - as she scarfed down half the plate-full that her mother had ordered, ignoring the quarter rack of ribs I had ordered for her.


The only bad part about the weekend was me managing to come down with the flu during it all. Considering I'm still on antibiotics strong enough to kill off anthrax, I know it's not a simple cold. Me with the flu. Oh the irony.