How do you wax a whale?

Surfer rides a whale - SAN CLEMENTE, California (AP) -- A surfer says the swell he was riding on a recent trip turned out to be more than just a wave -- it was a whale.

Spyros Vamvas, a 60-year-old San Clemente therapist, felt the ocean swirl under him and was lifted up by the giant mammal.

"All of a sudden I just felt, wow, this huge noise and bump," said Vamvas, "and it lifted my board up. I'm looking down, and there's just swirling water and I see barnacles on the back of the whale. I'm used to dolphins. This was different. It was huge."

As I don't actually believe in whales (I lived 6 years on the coast of California: right on whale-migration central. You'd have thought that in all that time I'd have seen at least ONE whale in the ocean), I can only suppose this is part of the grand Disney whale-motronics propoganda conspiracy.

Don't believe me? You'll notice no one actually had a camera handy...