New Address: Penny Lane

The big news is - we're moving to the UK.

Liverpool, to be more precise. Over the next couple of months, Giuia, Ella and I will transition to sunny England, leaving behind San Francisco, earthquakes, mudslides, and traffic. At least for now.

The move is brought on by the offer of a new position for me (Ken) heading up an SAP support/development group. What do I know about SAP, you ask? Well, not a heck of a lot. It's the main ERP platform used by my company (that's "enterprise resource planning" for you non-technical troglodytes), and is deeply inserted into our supply chain management, sales, manufacturing and, even more so, financial processes. SAP is the Big Brother of Chiron.

We're not going forever: the position is a two year gig. Then we'll be back. So we're keeping (and renting - if you know anyone looking for a home) our house. But we get to sell the cars and re-learn to drive, this time on the wrong side of the road.

We'll also keep the 'Groove - as a convenient means of posting pictures and communiques from the islands..

As we figure out more of the details, I'll let folks know.