Reverse Culture Shock

So I'm back in the US for the first time since I moved. Here are the things that are weird:

  • I went to the ATM, and all the bills that came out were the same color and size, and actually fit in my wallet.
  • When I'm given change for a 20, it doesn't weigh 12 pounds
  • The lanes on the highways here are really freaking wide
  • The corollary to that is parking spaces are wide enough to park something bigger than a moped in
  • The bathtub in my room doesn't require a step ladder to get in
  • They looked at me funny when I asked for vinegar to go on my fries
  • I don't have to sell an organ to raise the scratch necessary to buy anything electronic

    When I balance this with the pleasant parts of living on a horse farm, I realize I don't miss living in the Bay Area near as much as I thought I did.