Mummy on Rye

A couple of weeks ago, we visited London for the weekend and finally got to see the British Museum. That's Ella over there, perched on the lion outside the doors - more recent pictures of her here.

The exhibits really were amazing, especially the ancient Egypt exhibition. However, two things in particular stick with me from the visit -

1) Ella is using her first truly British vocabulary. She calls all coins "pounds." (though it took me a moment to realize what she was calling the huge collection of ancient Roman sesterii. )

And 2) The British Museum makes one of the finest sandwiches I've ever enjoyed. Chicken, marinated bell peppers, cucumbers and english mustard. It was a work of art. Giuia got truly sick of me expounding on the virtues of that sandwich by the end of the day, but this I learned: Yeah, the mummies are great and all, but if you're in London and have a hankering for some fine grub, get youself to the British Museum.