Trimming the photo wall

There are some folks out there who haven't realized we're living in The Future. They still take pictures with film. And then they develop them. And send them to me.

I realized long ago that the amusement value of looking into my personal life only stretches for about 12 seconds for anyone other than me - 18 seconds if the recipient was actually at the event. Hence the 'Groove. A convenient place to point people to for the display of photos of our last camping trip or the latest oh-so-cute pictures of our kid that doesn't require more than a few moments of their ADD beset minds.

From those who haven't made the digital plunge, on the other hand, we get periodic envelopes with a 2"x3" or some such glossy photo of their wedding/vacation/kid/puppy. I smile and share it with my bride and we are truly - for the requisite 12 seconds - happy to have shared the captured moment in our friend or relation's lives. But then I have to figure out what to do with it. I mean - they spent good money on this photo. Those things aren't cheap. Especially the ones that come from a real live photographer. We have this board in our kitchen that is absolutely overflowing with pictures of our friends, our friends' kids, our godchildren, my mother, my nephew (not the former guest of the state - the other one), somebody's dog, and one or two of our own kid. (I haven't figured that one out - I can look at the actual kid pretty much anytime I want. Why do I need a photo on my kitchen wall of her? In case someone comes over who hasn't seen her? Wait right here - I'll go get her.)

My bride is soft-hearted about these things. She doesn't want me to throw any of them out. In case our friend brings his dog over, we'll be able to say "I recognized your cute dog immediately! See? Here's the picture I keep of him on my wall!" And what else do you do with them – put them in the family album? Create a special album just for Other People’s Kids? But we're beginning to run the risk of creating Robin William's wall in One Hour Photo.

Please people - next time you get your film developed, opt for the photo CD - email the photo of your wedding/vacation/kid/puppy. Save my wall.