A New Day - A New Blog

Everything changes. Even the 'Groove.

What's a "blog," the technically-unwashed amongst you may ask? It's short for "weblog" - it's a collection of entries, commentary, etc, that the 'Groove staff will attempt to keep up to date as frequently as proves convenient. It's more interactive - you can comment on an entry which you find particulary brilliant (or offensive). It also precludes having to receive the infrequent mass email - another way to incent the 'Groove staff to make updates more frequently. And this way OTHER staff (*cough* Giuia *cough*) can make some updates without having to whine about learning html.

It does mean that there will be a period of time where the 'picture' areas of the site will be somewhat chaotic - a new look for the site, a new organization for the links - it adds up to a lot of tedious work. If you're just dying to see the latest story time or pictures of the youngest 'Groove employee, just email me and I'll work on that part faster.

Here's to the dawning of a new 'Groove.