Harmonica might also have been acceptable

"Boy, it's time to choose an instrument." 

"Which instrument gets all the chicks, Daddy?"

"Banjo players get the most chicks." 

"The banjo is too heavy! I can't play that yet. What about the second most chicks?"

"Ukulele. Ukulele players get the second most chicks. After only the banjo players."

"That's it! I want to play the ukulele."


And the lessons begin. User your powers for good, my son. 

Just like I suspect the settlers did

We had another long, snowy weekend here at our little New England farm. 

Sometimes, those are the perfect days for holing up and working on something fun together, just as the original inhabitants of our house might have. 



I spent Sunday in with my daughter in her bedroom, teaching her to play Taylor Swift songs on the Ukulele.


Good times.