I left out Texas. It wasn't an accident.

I occasionally get the time to sit down and doodle. Sometimes with purpose.

I think the last time I took art as a class was 6th grade, but I spent plenty of time doodling in the edges of my notebooks. Mostly, I still use pen & ink. 

In keeping with my resolution to try and give more handmade things, I thought a lot about what I could do for our anniversary.  In the 20 years we've been together (19 married), we've had the chance to travel a lot, and live in several parts of the world. We were recently talking about how silly the pheasants were that would run out in front of  cars on the little country lane we lived at the end of in England. 

That gave me an idea.  


I picked something representative of each of the places we've lived for long periods of time in our marriage. Georgia. California. Cheshire. New England.  

Dogwood. The Golden Gate Bridge. That silly pheasant. The windsor chairs we love.  

I'm not the most accomplished of artists, and these are fairly simple sketches. But each one of these has meaning, and represents a place that's a part of our story, and a part of the home that we've built. 



Plus, they look pretty good on the bathroom wall.