Snow: The aftermath

In the end, we had just a skoche more than 2 feet of snow fall over the weekend. The drifts (like those on the porch and everywhere else around our that snow could pile up) were significantly higher, and required a good bit of shoveling. 

I set my Bride to work. 



She likes to work out. This way we save on 'personal trainer' bills.

Once we had managed to carve a way out of our house, it was time to enjoy the snow a bit. But first, these guys had to recover. 

They whine a bit, but they're pretty good workers if you keep them supervised. 



It was the wrong kind of snow for building snow men. It wasn't wet and fluffy enough to stick together in big lumps. W e built snow forts. The snow was deep enough that all you really had to do was dig out a pit, and pile the snow around the edges. 

Voila: instant fort. 



It always ends up being boys vs. the girls in our house.  So the Boy and I got to work on ours. (notice who is holding the shovel, though)



And then the snowball fights ensued.



It was a long hard, battle.

But the boys won.

(Also known as: he who maintains the 'blog, always wins in the documentation). 

We played until we were exhausted and cold. And then went inside to warm up by the fire. These days are why we love living through a New England winter. 



Note: that's my Bride pushing the children into the snow. I may or may not have encouraged this behavior and laughed as it happened. That certainly isn't captured in this shocking photographic evidence of unusually cruel parenting. 


It's good to be the website admin.