4:52 - the dreaded self-portrait

To wrap up the first month of the LensProToGo.com 52 week challenge, the theme was 'self-portrait'. I really wasn't looking forward to this one. 

I'm not in many of my pictures. In large part because I'm usually behind the camera. But also: who the hell likes pictures of themseleves? Very few of us are happy with most pictures, as they spoil that self image we all work on so diligently. The one where I'm always well-coifed and fresh as  a manly morning dew, with flawless lighting and the perfect touch of testosterone-rich 5 o'clock shadow. A combination of Brendan-Fraser-hair and Bruce-Willis-rugged, with just the right touch of Han-Solo-insouciance. And a banjo. Or something. 

Besides learning a bit more about how to use my camera, though, I've also challenged myself to pick up my banjo on a regular basis this year. It's been sitting near my desk as a sort of spoon-shaped accusation for the last year, rarely touched. 

I sucked up my grumbling and when the morning sun woke me with a blinding glare through the window this morning (it's been raining and grey the past few days, so I didn't bother closing the curtains last night), I figured I'd try and combine both. 

I'm actually pretty happy with this.