Broadway Barks

This weekend was the Bernadette Peters book reading of her new children's book, Broadway Barks.

Look! There I am... right next to the amazingly fabulous Bernadette Peters, whom I have loved since I saw her in Annie, about a hundred years ago. (Ignore the rest of the people in this picture. At the moment, you can bet it was just she and I. You can see that in her expression. Right? Ok, wait. Check out Squirmy, who is also obviously fascinated with her. It's genetic.)

But wait. It gets better:

"To Ken & Sam, love Bernadette Peters (OXOX) & Kramer"

(Kramer is the dog in the book. Buy it. It goes to a good cause.)

The only way this could have been better is if Helen Hunt had come to town. Or if they both were there. At the same time.

And then they wrestled.

Oh yeah.