Also, Snoopy's friend Woodstock would taste lovely in the center of a turducken

colleague: "Oops, I just said 'stupid'. My 5 year old would tell me I had used a bad word."

me: "Yeah. We can't say that at our house either. 'Idiot' & 'dumb' are also verbotten. I let my kid sit in my lap while we snipe Nazis online in the head for a very bloody death and/or watch Dexter, revenge of Freddy's Nighmare the 13th, but 'stupid' is not to be uttered."

colleague: "Oh, we avoid all the 'death' things too. When the spider in our window caught and ate a butterfly, we had to hug our little boy until he stopped shaking."

me: "I remember when our daughter was 4 and I explained that Winnie the Pooh's cute little pink, gender-confused friend Piglet? He's where bacon comes from."

colleague: "!!!"

me: "Yeah. I know my Critter well. She did pause a few minutes to feel bad for poor Piglet. But in the end, she decided she could live with it. She really likes her bacon."