100 Things Worth Doing: 76-100

Finishing up scenes I hope to see as my life flashes before my eyes, which started here, and here, and here.

Go look at the original inspiration.

Or better yet: write your own list.

Numbers 76-100:

76. Solving an argument with water balloons
77. Picking wildflowers on the highway
78. Seeing the by-God-for-real Magna Carta
79. Bryan Adams on the Waffle House jukebox (And yes. I am just a little bit ashamed to admit this.)
80. Talking instead of doing homework when the power went out at my best friend Ginny's house
81. Making myself understood through grunting and finger gestures at a Sicilian fish market
82. The music of Styx, the greatest rock band of all time
83. Asking Giuia if I could hold her hand on our second date
84. Discovering that the cool, cool glass of the taxicab window was my new best friend after too many pre-wedding kamikazes
85. The surprise party my Bride through for my 30th birthday
86. Cooking canned chili and tinned biscuits in a cast iron skillet over the campfire
87. Our obnoxiously large Saint Bernard, Cleo
88. Losing my virginity
89. Building a porch with my step-father, two stories off the ground
90. Seeing a bear in the woods
91. Home-made pasta
92. Scotland in the summer
93. Chick-fil-a sandwiches
94. Pretty much anything from the Cracker Barrel menu
95. Squirmy's smile
96. Knocking down a wall in my very own house
97. Rolling down the grassy front of a giant earth dam
98. Drinking a well-deserved pint on the Aran islands with a table full of strangers
99. Picking strawberries with my grandparents
100. Couch forts