100 Things Worth Doing: 51-75

More scenes I hope to see as my life flashes before my eyes, numbers 51-75:

51. Hearing the Critter sing along from the back seat.
52. KOA in October.
53. Dancing in a kilt
54. Buying fresh swordfish in the market in Sicily through grunts and hand gestures.
55. Asking my future father-in-law for his daughter's hand after watched the new James Bond movie
56. Figuring out that fingerling potatoes taste just like regular potatoes.
57. Dancing to Ray Charles with the Critter.
58. Camping in the redwoods with Giuia.
59. Climbing in the hayloft at the barn.
60. Drinking Guinness at the brewery
61. Holding my bride's hand when she woke up from surgery.
62. Standing in line to see Minnie Mouse.
63. Catching lightning bugs.
64. Making Squirmy laugh for the first time.
65. Winter road trip to Canada
66. The sound of crickets on a hot summer's day in Blue Ridge, Georgia
67. Playing rummy with the aunts & uncles at Christmas time
68. The early morning splash of cold seawater at kayaking class
69. Making clay spaceships with my brother
70. Dogsledding in Alaska
71. Eating with my Father, the doctor, at Arby's in one of Atlanta's worst neighborhoods after his hospital rounds
72. Squeezing over a hundred people into our house for a Christmas party
73. Doing the money game with >35 kids under the age of 6
74. Finding the ancestral home at Cashel, Ireland
75. Winning first place in the 2'6" jumper competition on that pain-in-the-ass shetland pony.

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