100 Things Worth Doing

Scenes I hope pop up as my life flashes before my eyes. Numbers 1-25:

1. Carrying the sleeping Critter upstairs to bed.
2. Buying our first house.
3. Selling our first house.
4. Easter Mass at the Vatican.
5. Waking my bride up to point out the western-most Waffle House.
6. My crush on Casey what's-her-name when I was 5.
7. Riding an Irish draft horse through the Scottish Highlands.
8. Serving a whole roast pig.
9. Playing the banjo for my adopted grandmother in the nursing home.
10. My father drawing a picture to illustrate where hiccups come from.
11. Seeing the baby octopus in the Red Sea
12. Watching the doctor don a face shield when the Critter was born.
13. Making chorizo from scratch.
14. Walking through Westminster Abbey.
15. Visiting Traveler's grave at Washington and Lee university.
16. Washing my face in a pond at 13,000 feet in the Sangre di Cristo mountains.
17. The tomato salad at our wedding.
18. Eating my sister's country-fried steak.
19. Riding in an Army cargo plane to England.
20. Squirmy's ultrasound.
21. Seeing my mother compete in the Mrs. Georgia 1980 pageant.
22. Eating gelato in Venice.
23. Building a potato catapult.
24. Making biscuits and gravy with my grandmother.
25. Standing on top of Hadrian's wall with my daughter.

Inspired to write my list by Mighty Girl. Now you write one, too.