Things I'm thankful for

The list is actually much bigger than this. But for this morning, the top 10 will do.

- The de-leading is done.
- My beautiful family
- American TV. 4 months back in this country, and I'm still fascinated.
- My '67 Ford
- Caffeine
- The health of my extended family. Also, they don't call me much. I'm equally happy for both of these things. Something that my Bride has a hard time understanding.
- Jimmy Dean sausage. Seriously. This rates pretty far up my list. It would be even higher, but I occasionally think about things like my heart exploding.
- That moment when I first walk in, and both kids and the dog yell 'Daddy'. Ok, not the dog. She just looks at me adoringly, as dogs do.
- First world problems. I went to dinner the other night with some friends, and met a guy who had emigrated with his wife and first daughter from China about 10 years ago. Because he wanted to have a second (and now third) child. Each of which would have cost him a year's salary in 'you had more than one child' fines. I worry about whether gas prices are going to go up or down a dime. He is just happy to have the freedom to have a family.
- An occasional moment of zen: