A box o' corned beefy-goodness

Before the arrived to ooh and ahh over our latest tax exemption, our in-laws asked us what, if anything, we'd like them to bring from the States.

I didn't even have to think about it. "Corned beef."

And they knew exactly what I meant, and picked up a box load of the stuff. But a box of corned beef cans isn't exactly light, so they shipped it over in advance.

When you ship stuff overseas these days, you've got to complete a detailed inventory of the content. The postman looked at the label and cocked his eyebrow at me. "You can get corned beef here, you know."

Uh-uh. That stuff you get from Hormel couldn't put a finger on this. Palm Corned Beef isn't your normal corned beef. It's got chunks of real beef. And sunshine. And rainbows. And ground up unicorns. Or something. It's from New Zealand. Which is where the keep the unicorns. (that also means that by shipping it from California to the UK so that we could satiate our beefy-jones, each can has a carbon-footprint equivalent to the Oakland Hills forest fire)

I would offer to let you try some if you stop by my house, but having to ship it in from the states makes each can cost something like $16. (and worth every penny).

So get your own. You'll thank me for it.