A new way to burn my money

While waiting for Squirmy, I've found another way to flush money down the toilet.

My neighbor and a buddy had been flying these RC airplanes for a few weeks. Every calm evening and Saturday or Sunday mornings, they'd be out there buzzing the horses, the cats, or the neighbors' kids. And after watching this for a couple of months, I finally ordered myself one.

The Hobbyzone Supercub:

I added the EasyJet labels to distinguish it from my neighbor's plane. Plus it adds a certain element of realism. Or something.

These things aren't that complicated. I got an electric one (not gas powered) because I didn't want to take the risk of flying something that could end up a flaming pile of ruin (remember the rocket incident). After a few flights, you could see a little wear and tear, but she was still holding together pretty well:

The hardest thing about these planes is the landing. My neighbor told me that pretty much anything that doesn't end up with your plane in pieces is counted a success. But I should add to the success criteria 'being able to reach the plane without a crane.'

I was the first to manage a roof landing:

And then I wedged it into this 3 and half story tall tree:

After one particularly spectacular landing, I had to pick it up in pieces:

Still, a few strips of box tape later, and the thing is ready to go on another flight. Just like the real EasyJet.

Now that I've mastered the basics, I've ordered a model WWII P-51D Mustang. Because it's faster, and more likely to end up in pieces.

When my Bride asks, I'll explain that it's not for me. It's for Squirmy.

Kudos go to our plane supplier: Squadron Leader (who are making a mint off our little flying club...)