Education are good

In the most recent Democratic Presidential debates, the candidates have abandoned their attempts to sound like a Frank Oz character wrote their quippy one-liners. Instead, they spent their time trying to differentiate their own particular flavor of Bush-sniping (as if that's hard these days).

However, they still didn't all quite manage to check their stupid at the door. My particular favorite came from New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, who, when asked what his first priority would be if elected president, responded that he'd make strengthening education by emphasizing math and science . And he'd also emphasize the arts. And, um, more math and science. And oh yeah, he'd emphasize civics. Because that's like, really important. And typing. Because people type a lot. And history. He'd emphasize history. And languages. As long as it's not English. And maybe Phys Ed. Because he heard that people should be healthier.

Just wait until this guy has to try and make the tough calls to prioritize spending in a budget program which determines the tax impact on you and me. **Shudder**

But let's not forget Joseph Biden, who said that he would "immediately defuse what's going on on the Korean Peninsula."

Wow! Why didn't anyone else think of that? Screw complicated geo-political maneuvering, or the difficulty of negotiating with an insane dictator who seems intent on pissing off everyone within his platform-shoed reach, running a tightly closed slave state off the back of his starving population, in between his obsession with the NBA and cognac. No doubt that a snap of Joe Biden's fingers and a sprinkle of fairy dust and everything will be just peachy.

Delaware has elected Biden to the Senate six times, proving that the small states have as much of a sense of humor as anyone.

Remember folks: we still have 526 more days before the 2008 election.