I'm even getting sick of Mr. Potato Head

Several weeks ago, we started receiving new organic goodies at our doorstep each week. And I have got to say that we're still a fan. Every Friday now, we're like kids waiting to see what Father Christmas is going to bring. My Bride usually calls me at work to gleefully recite the contents of this week's box.

Kiwi! We have kiwi!

And runner beans! Many, many runner beans!

And a really cool squash thing! Wow! Can't wait to try that!

Anything that makes us this excited about vegetables is Really Very Cool®

But, oh yeah... did I mention the potatoes?

England is a land of the potato. Everyone here seems to be a fan. There's not a meal in the cafeteria at work that can be served along with or (more usually) on top of a potato in one shape or another. Fish & chips. Curry & chips. Sweet & sour pork on a jacket potato. Beans on a jacket potato. (As a rule of thumb, I'm of the school that baked beans belong with one thing and one only: chopped up hot dogs. And no one over the age of 12 should ever be offered this as a 'meal'). There are few dishes at any restaurant, for that matter, which don't come along with a side of chips as an option. Once, I took a large team out to the teppanyaki place in Liverpool (think Benihana), and the Teriyaki Chicken & Knife Show came along with a side of chips, coooked right there on the griddle in front of us, between the fried rice and little shrimps.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a fan of the potato. A serious fan. I grew up eating potatoes, and have occasionally lamented the fact that we don't eat more of them at home. We're a rice family, and I'm totally ok with that, but occasionally I crave a steaming, floury baked spud dripping with butter.

Apparently, the vegetables-in-a-box people have resolved to ensure that I never have reason to suffer from such a craving again. Every week we receive at least 8 or 9 potatoes in our box, rolling around at the bottom, coated in dirt still fresh from the organic farm. 8 or 9 potatoes a week.

The first week, I was like, hey, cool - mashed potatoes.

The second week, I fried up some potatoes with pancetta and garlic. Top with a fried egg, and you've got yourself a good breakfast. And then again a couple of days later I fried the rest up with parmesan and fresh herbs for a nice side dish.

The third week, I made potato skins. And some more mashed potatoes. And then some scalloped potatoes.

The fourth week, I panicked slightly when I saw more potatoes rolling around in the box, and started pulling out the recipe books for ideas.

Now I'm beginning to dread seeing the damned little spuds in the bottom of the box, mocking my culinary creativeness with their potato-selves. Trying to come up with new and original ways to treat the potato in our kitchen. Seriously: British People - I need you to get over the potato. This kind of obsession can't be healthy. Try a little rice. Or a yam. Or something.

At least for one week.

Oh well, there's always the catapult option.

Next week: How to use up a half-dozen giant carrots every other week.