Hello, my name is Ken, and I am a quitter

Ok, look people. I don't know what I was thinking. 50,000 words? In 30 days? Yeah, that's not a problem.

Except that I have a 12 week old baby in the house.

Oh, and giant project going on at work, requiring an increasing amount of travel.

And an departmental re-organizational thing, where I'm getting a new job with additional responsibilities.

And banjo practice.

And did I mention the 12 week old baby?

I wrote just over 2,000 words the second day and realized that this was not going to work this year.

So I'm giving it up before I really begin, which will hopefully allow me to retain some vestigal remnant of kidney function, given the amount of Diet Coke I drink when writing to a deadline.

Oh well. There's always next year...

Besides, I found another way to waste my time and make me the coolest dad on the block. Thanks to Think Geek's Helmet Action Cam, I can now mount a camera on my remote control plane.

It's a pain to get off the ground given the extra mass and need to play with the plane's center of gravity, and after several weeks of very good flying, I'm back to heavy landings and duct tape repairs. But it allowed me to get this film (where you can see the farm we live on, and my neighbor's plane at one point, passing beneath mine - the blurry bit in the bottom of the screen is the propeller in action)

Everything was going swell, I must say, until I tried one stunt to many with the camera... (note, I recovered the camera from the wreckage before snapping this photo, as I needed the SD card).

I'll be placing another order to my buddies at Squadron Leader...