Later that night

"Did you really have to get a handwriting analysis?"

"Yep. They sent me to a consultant."

"Didn't you tell me once you saw someone about a lisp, too?"

"I didn't have a lisp. I just couldn't pronounce the letter 'L'. Or the letter 'R'. They sent me to a speech therapist. Two speech therapists, actually. The first one was an idiot."

"And that was in addition to the the period when they sent you to the psychiatrist."

"Yeah. That didn't happen until fourth or fifth grade. They thought I read too much. The shrink said I just liked to tune out what I considered boring people. I still do that."


"Hmm. I never thought much about it before. It sounds worse when you list them all out that way, doesn't it?"


"Hey. It was the 80's. Dr. Phil wasn't around yet to tell my parents to chill out."