My latest guilty pleasure

A new series just started in the UK (Thursdays on Sky One) called "Project Catwalk" (like 'Project Runway' in the US, but in London, and hostedby Kelly Osborne), and I said, hey, I've heard good things about the U.S. show, despite the fact that at first glance it seems like the kind of show that actively makes you lose intelligence quotient while watching, but what the heck: the new season of American Idol hasn't started yet, so I'll give it a try.

Judgement: I LUUUUURVE it. (That's right. 'Lurve'. It's like 'love', but with more drool.) Even Kelly Osborne - who tries unsuccessfully to make skank cool - was growing on me by the end of the show. On the one hand, my bride and I kind of raised our eyebrows at the idea of a "British fashion" show, which is about as oxymoronic as "French hospitality." This was reinforced by the fact that the design contestants showed up to the program dressed like they had just been attacked by a Salvation Army outlet sale. But within minutes the beauty of the show started to shine through: This is an entire show which encourages cattiness. We spent the entire hour mocking everything about the show, the contestants and the final catwalk display. And at the end of the hour I felt an all-over roseate glow that I normally associate with post-coital moments or a really good pee.