Critter anniversary

The Critter is 4 years old this week.

4 years ago, my Bride and I had no idea what we were about to get in to. Sleep deprivation. A ridiculous portion of our Tivo being dedicated to the latest episode of "The Doodlebops." A hugely disproportionate amount of time dealing with, encouraging, or the discussion of bowel movements. We didn't know this because the Critter came 6 weeks early and we had not taken any of the courses. I was a little surprised that they let us take her home, even without our certificate of course completion.

To celebrate the Critter managing to survive another full year without breaking any major limb or driving us to either the nut- or poor-house, we bought her a new bike. Still with training wheels ("stabilizers" in Brit-speak), and sent her out the door to race the neighbor kid. We also got her a copy of Tangoes Jr. Sadly, she's already better than her mother at it.

Even better, we're busy planning another musical beer-and-meat-fest. The 2nd Annual Cheshire Bluegrass BBQ. This Time With A Whole Pig.

Me: What do you want to do for your 4th birthday, sweetheart?
Critter: I'd like another barbeque, please.
Me: Are you sure? You wouldn't like a princess party, or something like that?
Critter: No, Father. I'd like a barbeque. With more pig. And a bluegrass band.
Me: It's your birthday, sweetheart, so we'll do whatever you want.
Critter: Thank you, sir. And can you please make sure that the beer is extra cold for you and our guests? That would make my birthday complete.
Me: That's my girl.

Because nothing says "I'm 4" like grilled pork and banjos. She'll be the envy of all her classmates.