Apparently, too much corn leads to brain death...

No doubt I'm a little behind the times with this one. I hate to say it, but there are times when I'm actually glad I can say I live in another country these days.

Nebraska decides to give school segregation by race another try

Fifty years after America abolished segregated schools, the state of Nebraska was yesterday accused of seeking to carve up its largest school district along broadly racial lines: white, African-American and Hispanic.
Under a new measure signed into law by the governor, Dave Heineman, on Thursday night, Omaha's highly regarded public school system would be divided into three racially distinct entities.

North-eastern Omaha would have a mainly African-American school district, south-eastern Omaha would be largely Hispanic, and the relatively wealthy sections in the west of the city would be packaged into a largely white school district.

The division, which was proposed by the only African-American member of the state legislature last week, was adopted at breakneck speed.

Of course, if you segregate the districts, then you're also segregating the tax base - meaning that those wealthy sections they mention above will keep their property tax dollars for their own schools, leaving the other two new districts to fend for themselves. So not only is this almost certainly ripe for constitutional challenge, it's also colossally stupid.

Here's my favorite part - the Nebraska state motto:

'Equality before the law'